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Hors d 'oeuvres 

Hors d' oeuvres

Assorted cheese and fruit with crackers $2.75
Seasonable vegetables with dip $2.50
Baked Brie served with sliced French baguette $3.90
Mini Quiches $2.50 Egg Rolls $2.00
Teriyaki or buffalo wings $2.50
Italian meatballs $2.00 Cheese and crackers $2.50
Mexican spread with nachos $2.25 Nachos with salsa $ 1.50
Assorted breads with dip $2.25 Deviled eggs $3.50
Crab puffs $4.00 Shrimp cocktail $4.00
Scallops wrapped in bacon $4.95 Stuffed mushrooms $3.90
Shrimp pate' with French bread $1.90 Chips with dip $1.00
Cucumbers with herb cheese $ 1.50
Boneless buffalo tenders $ 2.75
Curry crab dip with fresh vegetables $3.00
Fresh fruit bowl with orange cream $3.00 Pasta salad $ 3.50 Potato salad $3.90 Garden salad $2.00
Assorted finger sandwiches $4.75
Meat and cheese tray with rolls $4.90
Mini Italian subs $4.50

Buffet of hors d'oeuvres are available with min order of 10 items Prices are per person and subject to 9% meals tax & 20%

All inclusive soda 4 hrs $3.00  Fruit punch $2.50
White grape sparkling punch $2.00  Ice tea or lemonade $ 1.50
Champagne or Sparkling cider toast $2.50
Strawberries on toast glasses .50
Coffee $1.00  Assorted teas $ 1.00
Wine service $4.00 per glass
Lemon wedges in water glasses .50
Crafts of white or red wine $ 15.00 Bottle champagne $18.00
Alcoholic Drink tickets $4.50
Open bar and hosted bar available inquire about pricing

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