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Family Style Dining

Family Style Dining

These meals are served family style in platters and bowls to be passed around the table, (only one meal choice)

Roast turkey & Virginia Ham
Served with potato, stuffing and gravy $ 28.95

Baked Stuffed Chicken
Served with mashed potato and vegetable $28.95
With gravy

Baked Ziti with meat sauce $ 22.95

Vegetable Lasagna $24.95

Roast Beef Au Jus $30.95
Served with rice pilaf and mixed vegetables

Baked Italian Chicken or Pesto Chicken $27.95
Served with harvest rice and vegetable

All meals served with fresh garden salad with house dressing
Rolls or Bread with butter

All prices subject to 9% meals tax and 20% service charge


Ice cream with strawberries $2.50 Sherbet cup $2.00
Sheet cake or cup cakes $2.50 Cookie tray $2.75

Cheesecakes $3.75
Chocolate swirl, Key Lime, Chocolate Kailua, Blueberry Amaretto
Irish cream, Raspberry white chocolate, Apple caramel, Maple Walnut

Pies $3.00
Banana Cream, Coconut Cream, Apple, Blueberry, Pumpkin,
Lemon meringue, Chocolate cream

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