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Cottage by the Bay

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Dinner Buffets

Dinner Buffets

Italian Buffet
Garden salad with dressing
Baked Italian chicken along with Baked Ziti's with meat sauce or Baked stuffed shells
Garlic Rolls Coffee and tea

Special Buffet
Garden salad with house dressing
Roast turkey breast and baked ham
Mashed potato with gravy, stuffing, dinner rolls, coffee and tea
Vegetable may be added for $ 1.50 per person Cranberry sauce $.50 per person

Bay View Buffet
Garden salad with house dressing, mashed potato or rice pilaf, vegetable, rolls with
butter, coffee and tea
Choose two from the following
Roast sirloin, basted with special herbs:
Beef tips with mushroom gravy:
Baked ham: Sliced turkey breast: Sausage with onions and peppers:
Breaded chicken fillets seasoned with lemon pepper spice:
Vegetable lasagna: Pesto chicken Baked Italian chicken: Baked Ziti's
$ 27.95  To add a third entree add $4.50 per person

Cottage Buffet
Tossed salad, mashed potato, Baked potato or
Rice pilaf, Mixed vegetables
Choose three from the following
Sliced prime rib, Roasted Pork loin, Beef tips with mushroom gravy, Lemon peppered chicken fillet, Pesto chicken,
Curry and tomato chicken, Baked Italian flavored breast of chicken, Vegetable Lasagna, Baked fillet of haddock, Baked stuffed
shells in garlic tomato sauce, Baked stuffed shrimp,
Mediterranean shrimp with pasta, Teriyaki or Cajun stir fry chicken
Fresh brewed coffee and a selection of teas $32.95


All prices subject to 9% meal tax and 20% service charge

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